Get the most out of your high speed Internet experience with our additional Internet services.


For $17.95/mo., get access to local broadcast channels without a set-top box. Find out more.

Wireless Routers

By renting a wireless router for $5.95/mo., you can seamlessly access the Internet from multiple computers and mobile devices at home.


For just $2.25/mo., you can protect yourself from viruses, identity theft and online criminals. Our monthly computer security service will keep up to 5 devices like laptops, desktops, and tablets safe.


Protect your computer and data from hard drive crashes, accidental file deletion, or malicious attacks with our computer backup service.

Storage Price
25 GB $2.74/mo.
50 GB $5.99/mo.
100 GB $9.99/mo.
250 GB $15.99/mo.

Need help determining which Internet Speed is right for you?  Check out our guide, which matches Internet activities with recommended speeds.

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