Posted on June 10, 2016

4 Reasons Why I Love My DVR

By Ciara Nioce

Being a mom of a toddler I soon realized my life could no longer revolve around my “tv show” schedule. I have had a DVR for years, but never realized how much I would truly love it until I started using it more. Before having a baby, I would use it to record HGTV shows that I could watch I when needed some relaxation time or some home remodeling inspiration. Now I use the DVR for the many reasons it was intended for.

My favorite thing about the DVR is that I can record a show and watch it whenever. My favorite series to watch is ABC’s The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Fans of this show know that it airs at 7pm every Monday night - right after dinner when I’m trying to clean the kitchen and then get my son ready for bed. In the fall, this time also interferes with NFL Monday Night Football games that my family just can’t miss. Being able to record The Bachelor/Bachelorette and watch it after my son goes to sleep or the next afternoon makes it super convenient.

The second reason I love my DVR is that when you record the show and watch it later, you can fast forward through the commercials. I like being able to fast forward through the commercials because it shortens the program length, and let’s be honest, if I’m watching it after I put my son to sleep I’m probably already struggling to stay awake anyway! You can also rewind. There have been times when I’m like, wait, did that person really just say that?! I’ll rewind just to make sure!

The third reason why I love my DVR is that I can record two programs at once. Being able to record an episode of Paw Patrol and episode of Goldie & Bear at the same time makes life a little easier for me when that’s all my son wants to watch and it’s not on TV right then. It’s like having a library of your favorite shows/movies without having to worry about the DVD getting scratched or lost.

The fourth reason why I love my DVR is actually several reasons in one.  With a DVR, you can set up a series recording, essentially forget about it and it will always record. If you’re like me, it might be a few weeks before you realize that your favorite show started the new season. With the series recording feature, the DVR will automatically begin recording the series when the season premier airs. You also have the option to select how many episodes you want saved and for how long. For instance, I still record my HGTV shows (in case I ever get free time!!) and I set it to keep only the 5 latest episodes. On the other hand, you can select the option to keep all episodes until the DVR is full. One thing to keep in mind is that the storage on a DVR is not unlimited so keeping an eye on your storage availability will prevent you from missing anything.

Being able to depend on my DVR to keep up with my “tv show” schedule has definitely made my life a little easier. If you’re interested in adding a DVR to your home, call one of our customer service representatives at 800-892-0163 or select your community to view the DVR options.