Additional Digital Upgrade FAQs

Why is the all-digital upgrade necessary?
To keep up with technological advancements, we simply must upgrade to an all-digital platform.  Due to bandwidth limitations on an analog system, we are no longer able to technically add more channels, yet network contracts demand carrying specific channels. By providing TV service through a digital signal, the amount of bandwidth used is significantly reduced.  Although customers will need a set-top box for each TV, most will also gain nearly 50 new HD channels and a better viewing experience.
Plus, going to the all-digital system will increase bandwidth so Rainbow can offer Internet speeds up to 100 Mbps in the future to Internet customers. 
Overall, Rainbow will be able to offer more choices, improved services and ensure a better customer experience. 
What new TV features will I receive from this upgrade?
With Rainbow’s all-digital TV you will get:
  • Up to 11 additional standard definition channels, including CBS Sports Network, NBC Sports Network, FXX, Lifetime Movies, and the Time Warner Cable Sports Network (aka Jayhawk Network).
  • Up to 64 additional High definition channels
  • Crystal-clear picture and sound
  • Interactive on-screen channel guide
  • Parental controls
  • Access to WatchTVEverywhere
Do I need to purchase a digital or HD-ready TV?
No, it is not required to have a digital or HD-ready TV for us to complete this transition.  Your TV service will be the same as it has been with the exception that it most likely will appear sharper, have more vibrant colors and improved audio quality.  A HD TV is necessary to fully experience HD quality programming.  Without a HD TV, you may not notice a difference between SD and HD channels.
Do I still need a receiver if I only watch local channels? 
Yes, all TVs will need a receiver in order to receive Rainbow Digital TV service.  However, if you currently subscribe to Rainbow Internet service you might be interested in Rainbow MyTV which provides you access to 10 local broadcasting stations using your Rainbow Internet service and a Roku device.  
Have more questions?
We are available from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday – Friday to discuss your digital TV options and help you through this transition.  You are welcome to stop by any of our five offices located in Everest, Hiawatha, Horton, Sabetha or Seneca or call us at 800-892-0163.