RainbowLIVE offers conversion and duplication services, so you can cherish and share memories of special events.

VHS Conversion to DVD

Do you have old VHS, VHS-C, or Mini DV tapes that you would like to convert to DVDs? Rainbow can help! Simply bring your old analog videos to any Rainbow Communications office and we will convert the tapes into DVDs.

Service Price
VHS, VHS-C, SD Card, Flashdrive to DVD $8.95/ea.
VHS, VHS-C to Data DVD $15.95/ea.
VHS, VHS-C to DVD and Data DVD (2-disk set) $19.95/set
Mini DV to DVD $11.95/ea.
​Mini DV to Data DVD $15.95/ea.
Mini DV to DVD and Data DVD (2-disk set) $19.95/set
Shipping $9.95 (flat fee)


DVD Duplication

If you want multiple copies of a DVD from a special event, we offer DVD duplication services.

Quantity Price
1-10 DVDs $5/ea.
11-50 DVDs $3.50/ea.
51-100 DVDs  $2/ea.
101+ DVDs $1/ea.
DVD to Data DVD
(Enables you to edit the original format)
Shipping $9.95 (flat fee)


RainbowLIVE Production DVD

Do you have kids in sports, dance, theatre, or other community events and wish out of town relatives could be in on the action? Well now they can watch — and rewatch — those special moments with a RainbowLIVE DVD!

Program Price
Game of the Week DVD or Digital HD $25/ea.
Rainbow Production DVD or Digital HD $15/ea.
Shipping $9.95 (flat fee)

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