What is happening?
Based on what we see for the future and what’s best for our customers, Rainbow Communications will no longer provide TV service as part of our entertainment package.  For years, our customers have had access to a wide range of channels of information, entertainment, and sports over the internet.  In fact, more than 80% of all internet usage on our network is streaming video.  In light of these trends, we have been focused on upgrading our network to offer the fastest internet speeds in our communities so our customers can stream any type of video they desire.

When will this take place?
Effective January 13, 2020, Rainbow will no longer offer TV service to new customers. For current TV customers, Rainbow TV service will end on June 30, 2020. .

What does this mean to me?
You have time to find another TV provider, and most of our internet customers have found that streaming TV is an enjoyable and cost-effective option. Over the next few months, you will receive multiple communications to help you through the transition.

 Why is Rainbow ending TV service?
With the explosion of video options, coupled with the rising cost of content it has become difficult for independent cable TV providers, like Rainbow, to continue offering a quality and comprehensive TV channel line-up without a significant rate increase per year. Instead, we will focus our efforts on delivering the best internet speeds possible so customers can watch high-quality and less-expensive TV channels over our high-speed internet connection.

Should I cancel my service now?
Helping our customers through this transition is vital to us. We want you to have time to select the best TV service option that fits your needs. Also, we can help you with this transition. Visit our streaming tips on transitioning to a streaming TV service. If you prefer personal assistance, call our office to learn more about a twelve-month service called Streaming Care. With Streaming Care, our representatives can help you determine the best streaming TV services based on your favorite channels, recommend streaming devices and even help set-it up inside your home.

Once you have your new TV service ready, you can cancel at that time. Please note that service will no longer be available on July 1, 2020, so you will want to have an alternative before then.

What are some recommendations/options I should consider?
There are many options available to pair with your Rainbow high-speed internet service to stream your favorite shows, movies, and programs based on your family’s needs and budget. These streaming services include Amazon Prime Video, Hulu Live, Sling, YouTube TV, Netflix, CBS All Access and many more. You can learn more about streaming services and devices here, or by calling our office to get personal assistance by signing up for our new 12-month Streaming Care service to help with your transition from traditional cable TV to streaming TV.

What do we do with our old equipment?
If you so choose, you can drop off your old equipment at any Rainbow office.

Can Rainbow help me change providers?
We want to help and be of support to our customers during this time of transition. If you choose to go with a streaming TV service and sign-up for our 12-month Streaming Care, we can personally assist you with selecting a streaming application based on your favorite channels and a streaming device, and set-up your streaming service in your home.

Is Rainbow financially stable?
Absolutely. Rainbow has never been healthier and positioned for growth as we enter 2020. While more and more people are cutting traditional TV service, most have opted to stream TV service using our internet connection.

Will there be a loss of channels before the end date?
We plan to keep all current channels available to our customers until the end date. However, an unforeseeable loss of expensive equipment could cause us to use an alternative plan.

Will I still have access to WatchTVEverywhere?
WatchTVEverywhere will no longer be available on all devices as of June 30, 2020. WTVE is a part of your TV package.

Will Rainbow still offer ViewLocal?
We are ending ViewLocal on June 30, 2020. We found that our broadband customers can subscribe to YouTube TV or Hulu + Live and receive all their local channels plus more favorite networks for a minimal price.

How much broadband do I need to stream?
We recommend at least a 25Mbps plan for one device streaming. There are a lot things to consider when selecting the best plan for your household. For help finding the best plan for your household, visit our interactive broadband calculator.