• Summer Adventure Guide

    June 24, 2016

    Just because school is out doesn’t mean the learning has to stop.  Go on an adventure with online educational websites, search for ways to make homemade ice cream, or even get ideas on how to plan a...

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  • 4 Reasons Why I Love My DVR

    June 10, 2016

    4 Reasons Why I Love My DVR By Ciara Nioce Being a mom of a toddler I soon realized my life could no longer revolve around my “tv show” schedule. I have had a DVR for years, but never realized how...

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  • Students selected for 2016 FRS Youth Tour

    June 8, 2016

    Rainbow selects Tyler Boswell of Hiawatha and Cameron Smith of Horton to Attend the FRS Youth Tour in Washington D.C. Rainbow Communications offers students in Northeast Kansas with a once-in-a-...

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  • Email Phishing Scam Awareness

    May 27, 2016

    Rainbow has become aware of a phishing email scam with the subject line, "Rainbow Communications | High-Speed Internet". This email is not from Rainbow Communications and we do not advise customers...

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  • Always Call 811 Before You Dig

    May 17, 2016

    Warmer weather often equates to outside projects. Before starting any project where you will be digging, call 811 first. An 811 representative will come locate and flag where underground utility...

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  • Non-Rainbow Individual Going Door to Door

    May 13, 2016

    Rainbow has learned from concerned customers that an individual is going door-to-door representing himself as being affiliated or partnering with Rainbow, and this is not the case. Our field...

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  • Computer Pop-Up Scam Awareness

    May 11, 2016

    Be aware! When opening a web browser, a "Carson May Survey" might pop up on your screen. This is not something that Rainbow Communications has sent out. Because we don't know who the sender is, we do...

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  • Foundation for Rural Service Annual Youth Tour in Washington DC

    March 9, 2016

    Foundation for Rural Services Youth Tour Here's some exciting information for high school students, parents of high school students, grandparents of high school students, or anyone who knows a high...

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  • Top 5 Things to Love About Rainbow MyTV

    February 29, 2016

    Did you know that with Rainbow MyTV you can stream 10 channels through your Rainbow 15Mb Internet connection and a Roku device? That includes access to all the local channels as well as Rainbow NEK...

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  • Smart Solutions for Farms

    January 18, 2016

    It’s an exciting time in farm technology!  Using your smartphone or other mobile device, you can remotely handle many aspects of farm management.  These smart solutions enable you to increase...

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