What’s on TV tonight?  What’s the phone number for the local coffee shop? How do I set up my Roku device? When will the big soccer game be on?

You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers! Our resources can help you channel surf with ease, troubleshoot an issue, or find the latest news-you-can-use.

Check out these resources from Rainbow:

  • FAQs: Need help with setting up email on your smartphone, checking your voicemail, or ordering pay-per-view? Visit our FAQ page with answers to these and many other questions
  • Tutorial Videos: Find all of our helpful tutorial and support videos in one place
  • Newsletters: Keep up-to-date with the latest industry news, technology tips & tricks, promotions, and local community events.
  • Voice Mail Guide: Learn how to access your voice mail, change your personal greeting, set a password, and more in our handy two-page guide
  • Website Compass Magazine: Stay current on Internet trends and helpful computer information with our seasonal magazine

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  • Directory: Look up local people and businesses

If you still have a question, send us a message and we’ll find you an answer. Your question could very well lead to a new resource for everyone, so thank you in advance for asking!