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Back to the Basics of Building a Great Workplace Culture

Employees who are emotionally committed to an organization give more, care more, work harder, and stay longer with the organization.  How do you set your employees and business up for improved success? Join Bandura Plus for great insights and learning while we cover some of the basics to help your business.

  • Does your business have a clear vision on where you want it to go?
  • Does your business have the solid foundation for growth? Does everyone in your organization clearly understand their role and what success looks like?
  • How to adapt and stay relevant in your marketplace.
  • Your business has a culture: Would you define it as high energy?
  • What are employees looking for today in their work and how to imporve communication and understanding between generations?
  • Is there enough leadership depth should an unexpected event happen?

Featured Speaker: Lonny Geiman

Lonny is passionate about helping business owners personally grow and drive organizational performance. Lonny grew up with Midwest agriculture roots and understand the difficulties of balancing working in a business and the importance of strategically guiding the business for sustained success in the future. Organizations rise and fall with leadership. As an owner of Bandura Plus, Lonny provides professional direction to assist clients in mapping out the future and developing leadership depth.  Lonny understands that for organizations to grow and get better, that development of our leaders today and the future leaders of tomorrow is the key.

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